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Easily and quickly migrate your data with ESF Database Migration Toolkit 11.0.15!

With support for over a dozen database formats, including popular options like Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, InterSystems Caché, Teradata, Visual Foxpro, SQLite, FireBird, InterBase, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Paradox, Lotus, dBase, CSV/Text, you can smoothly transfer your data in just 3 simple steps.

The wizard-like interface makes the process straightforward and stress-free, ensuring your data stays organized and intact during the transition.

Upgrade your database management system with confidence, and make data migration a breeze with ESF Database Migration Toolkit.

64-bit Windows application for ESF Database Migration Toolkit 11.0.15 (2023-02-07).
(md5: af52f3f0c7a9d8d4511a2070cbbe3bd1)
32-bit Windows application for ESF Database Migration Toolkit 11.0.15 (2023-02-07).
(md5: cfcb55104645a2f7adbb2f4f595e10b5)
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Supported Features:

Table Structure Auto-Increment/Serial
Data Structure Editing
Primary Key Encoding Conversion
Index Record Filter
Foreign Key Preview Data
Default Value Save Migration Job
Comment Load Migration Job
View -> Table Command-Line

Suggested Uses:

  • Click here to learn how to uninstall application.
  • All installations already include Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and FireBird runtime-libarys, so you can migrate from these database formats directly after installing this toolkit.
  • If you want to migrate from/to IBM DB2, you need to have IBM DB2 Data Server for ODBC and CLI installed.
  • If you want to migrate from/to Visual Foxpro, you need to have OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro installed.
  • If you are using an older version of Windows OS, you may need to have MDAC 2.8 installed for Access, Excel, Paradox, Lotus, dBase supporting.
  • If you want to migrate from/to MS-Access 2007-2013(*.accdb)/MS-Excel 2007-2013(*.xlsx;*.xlsb), you need to have Microsoft Access Database Engine installed.